Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What’s up with these cravings?

Well friends, as I sit here at my computer, I was JUST handed (2), that’s TWO Oreo cookies (double stuff of course). 

What IS IT with these cravings? Yes I know that Oreo cookies are vegan (so are the Girl Scout Thin mints for the record), but I KNOW that they are not the best choice.

I have tried (& often done very well) in fighting off these cravings, it often times, IT IS HARD!

Is it due to years of not being vegan & eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) that when I am sitting in my big comfy chair reading, that a “little snack” is desirable?

WHY is it that during THESE times, when I am relaxed & enjoying a good read, that my willpower weakens?

WHY does the “inner Homer Simpson” surface?

I KNOW what is best for me, yet I often choose wrong.

I need to accept that I am a “work in progress” & that as long as I realize my weakness & try to address them as they arise, I am the one in control.

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I’ll have a date!

Hang in there my Vegan Friends!

You are not alone!