Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Still Tempted

After my last long run this past Friday, I got to thinking that although I have gone Vegan, I still crave some things that I know are not healthy & even worse, PROCESSED.

WHY the cravings? Is it from some primitive, deep down hunger inside me? Is it old memories from my youth? Or is is just because I am weak willed?

Maybe, just M A Y B E, it is a bit of each.

When I am at my weakest & crave something to fill that nutritional need during & after a long run, I tend to go to my  comfort food.


This is where they say we need to “get out of our comfort zone.” I need to do this & be conscientious about it.

As far as eating PROCESSED foods, I already know the science. I already know that it is not good for me & that all of those ingredients that I cannot pronounce are things that I should not eat.

My common sense tells me to eat more RAW FOODS & less & less of processed anything.

Raw is how things were created by our Creator. Common sense says that it has got to be better for you.

So . . . as I plan my next run (short or long), I need to plan my eating so that I am not caught up in the wave of unhealthy & processed food just because they are vegan.

May the Plants be with you.


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