Sunday, July 12, 2015


Well folks, as a Vegan Ultra Runner, I am still learning (slow often times, but still learning.)

Our Friday night “adventures” organized by local Ultra Running superstar Kathy Hoover (co-owner of Runner’s World Tulsa) takes us all through Tulsa & most of the times, we are near to a local convenience store (QuikTrip).

Although my hydration pack was full of Skratch, I still needed something more.

I ended up wolfing down an individual squeeze packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! It is Da Bomb & I can eat them all day.

This night adventure was suppled to be just a tad over 17 miles however it was just not my night.

Queazy stomach had me turn around at about the 6 mile mark but unfortunately I would not make it back to the store before having to lay flat out on a park picnic table to “settle things down”.  It was “The Dreaded BONK!”

With my trying so hard to watch what I am eating during my long runs, I get to the QT’s & end up only refilling my hydration pack with water & ice & forgo getting anything to eat!

My Bad! (NOTE: I also did this during the recent Urban Adventure 100 in June.)

I really need to get better at this Vegan convenience store thing as most of our night adventures uses these as aid stations.

If I don’t learn fast, I fear that I will be quite familiar with the dreaded BONK!

Run on my vegan friends.

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