Sunday, June 21, 2015


Good evening.

It’s been a bit since my last post, but things have been hectic! The beginning of June brought the Inaugural Urban Adventure 100 here to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was sponsored by Runner’s World Tulsa. A few things to comment on in regards to this race.

1) I was way undertrained (what else is new?) but knew the drill & how it was going to hurt.

2) The heat was INTENSE! The week prior to the race; May 30th; the weather was very nice, & perfect for running an ultra. The weekend of the race however, it was predicted to get close to 100 F!

3) I was (as always), unsure of how I was going to fuel during the race.
Now - - - the race was on a 25 mile loop with race distances from 25 miles (one loop) all the way up to the full 100 (four loops). 

The course wound through various parts of Tulsa so runners got a pretty good view of our beautiful city.

Race morning was beautiful however temperatures quickly rose as the sun rose higher in the sky. As this was a low key race, there were no course markings (we were all given a course map - turn by turn), the course WAS NOT closed to traffic (we had to watch crossing streets) & our aid stations were Quik Trip (convenience stores). For the 100 mile course, we all got a $50 QT card to purchase whatever food & drinks we needed for the race. Runner’s World Tulsa was the start/finish for all loops & the race as a whole.

Being a vegan runner, this initially posed a problem as much of their fare was not vegan. I opted for a bag of potato chips on my first loop which turned out not to be a good decision. With the temperatures rising quickly, I should have taken in more calories. I forgot all about the pre-packaged, fresh watermelon that they have! It was not until I got back to Runner’s World, were I took in some solid calories. Sprout’s Farmer’s Market in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma made a donation in kind of (2) cases of bananas, (1) case of apples & (5) bags of oranges! I was in heaven.

Needless to say, it might have been a bot too late as I was already depleted a bit & temperatures were high! Throughout the day, they reached close to 97 F.

Out of the 31 runners who entered the 100 mile distance, approximately 11 finished. I ended up dropping after mile 34 when I had a total melt-down.

As always, I felt guilty afterwards & felt that I should have pushed harder. If I could have held on a few more hours, the sun would have set & temperatures would have dropped as well.

Funny how one’s mind is stressed equally or even more so during an ultra. Hindsight is much more clearer.

Oh well, it was God’s will that I drop back.

A fall 100 miler is in the plans as well as an arctic run in northern Manitoba, Canada this November.

Stay tuned.

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