Sunday, March 29, 2015

Choices, Choices, Choices

As on most Saturday mornings, I am out running with my buds (duh!). Although distances vary, we often end up back at Runner’s World Tulsa to cool down, hydrate & re-load our carbohydrate stores.

Herein lies the dilemma (or as I said - - - CHOICES!).

Being a Vegan Runner DOES NOT MEAN that one has to eat healthy. There are plenty of vegan junk food choices so a vegan lifestyle DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL A HEALTHY lifestyle.

This is where one needs to be careful with what one choses to re-fuel with & if there is nothing healthy, to have iron wills to not eat the junk & head out to your local healthy restaurant to re-fuel.

As I rambled about in an earlier post,OREOS are vegan.

Are they healthy - - - - I think NOT! (they are good though)

Well how about something crunchy? Also, after all that running & sweating (loosing sodium), something crunchy AND salty would be nice.
Well it might taste good at the moment, but it is not necessarily healthy.

Fritos, Lays Potato Chips, cracker Jacks are all LOADED with nasty additives (not to mention way too much sodium).

Better yet, why not choose something natural AND healthy? Something like carrot sticks or some fresh fruit!

Surly one can have some fresh orange slices, sliced apples, bananas (love that potassium, eh?).

If things are planned out, you can re-fuel healthy.

At a recent trip to Sprout’s, I found Justin’s Almond Butter in individual packets! What a GOLD MINE!

With all of this new found info, go enjoy your long runs & re-load with HEALTHY snacks!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Don’t Be Fooled! Eat Smart!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that following a Vegan lifestyle is totally healthy. Sure, you eat lots of fruit, veggies & the like BUT there are plenty of vegan-friendly foods that are totally NOT HEALTHY.

You CAN be a Vegan Junk Foodie.

In case you did not know, Oreos are vegan! Yes, those deliciously decadent little rounds of chocolate cookie with that creamy filling. You know - - - the ones that you cannot stop until you’ve eaten almost half of the package.

As you would know, potatoes are indeed vegan (DUH right?)

Well not all potatoes are created equal.

Those golden salty french fries; although vegan; are NOT HEALTHY. They are however, artery clogging with all of that saturated fat in which they are fried in.

And that ketchup that you dip them in - - - - it IS NOT considered “a vegetable”. Although it can contain some tomatoes, it is loaded with SUGAR!

So, if you are going vegan for health reasons as well as ethical ones, EAT SMART!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pot ‘o Vegan Gold

Well my plant loving friends, I will make this post short.

I believe that I found (or at least saw) the pot ‘o gold at the end of the vegan rainbow this weekend.

I attended the Pot Luck meeting of the Vegetarian Society of Tulsa & I only have ONE WORD to describe it - - - WOW!

There was such a plethora of vegan dishes that I found my head spinning! Saliva was flown’ my friends!

I will have to say that although we have not been just eating salad here, my creativity has been no where near what was here.

I mean there were sandwiches, chili, paneer (Indian), various grain & noodle salads and lots of deserts!

Everyone there was extremely friendly & shared many of their vegan experiences & experiments. I am soooo pumped to begin playing with my food (yes I know, Mom always said “Don’t play with your food.”).

My first try here was Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches (well actually it was my second). It was with Almond Dream Mint Chocolate Chip. My second batch was with just chocolate.

It was Da Bomb! I mean - - - I mean - - - I mean it was AWESOME!

This vegan lifestyle is gonna be GREAT!

Plant Power Rocks!