Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Still Craving & Still Frustrated!

It has been a bit of a hiatus, but I am back. Overall, I do believe that I Have been doing tremendous (if I may say so) in eating clean & vegan, but I STILL have those nasty cravings!

When I chose & I am cooking or ordering from a menu, I chose healthy vegan every time (well 99.9% of the time). It is when I am out & I have the temptation of something sweet (& likely not vegan) that I struggle.

I WANT to eat clean & I DO EAT CLEAN practically all of the time, but I know that the sweet choice will taste so yummy!

THAT is the problem.

I even thought of this while in Adoration this evening at church. It is like when one goes to Confession, confesses one’s sins but still has the attraction to the sin. The “craving” is still there. It is here, where the the hidden struggle really happens.

I know that heading a healthy vegan meal, snack or whatever is critical to good health, yet I know that those Oreos taste soooo good & I will enjoy eating them (at least while I am eating them that is).

I know that I will feel guilty if I chose what I know is not the better choice yet I often still choose it.


Deep down inside, I KNOW that if I can fight this “devil” on my shoulder & listen to the Angel on my other shoulder, that I will be much better off.

I also understand that if I can “push through” this temptation, that ultimately, my taste buds will change & the cravings will fade into oblivion.

Is this true?

I’d love to hear your comments.

Run On;
OK Vegan Runner

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What’s up with these cravings?

Well friends, as I sit here at my computer, I was JUST handed (2), that’s TWO Oreo cookies (double stuff of course). 

What IS IT with these cravings? Yes I know that Oreo cookies are vegan (so are the Girl Scout Thin mints for the record), but I KNOW that they are not the best choice.

I have tried (& often done very well) in fighting off these cravings, it often times, IT IS HARD!

Is it due to years of not being vegan & eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) that when I am sitting in my big comfy chair reading, that a “little snack” is desirable?

WHY is it that during THESE times, when I am relaxed & enjoying a good read, that my willpower weakens?

WHY does the “inner Homer Simpson” surface?

I KNOW what is best for me, yet I often choose wrong.

I need to accept that I am a “work in progress” & that as long as I realize my weakness & try to address them as they arise, I am the one in control.

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I’ll have a date!

Hang in there my Vegan Friends!

You are not alone!

Monday, June 13, 2016

What’s for Breakfast?

Hey there veganites. I hope your running is going great. Practically every time I am out running (particularly when I am running with friends on our Friday Night Adventures), I struggle as to WHAT to eat. Most of the time, it is a packet of Justin’s Almond Butter. The individual packets are PERFECT for throwing into the planets of my hydration pack.

What I want to talk about in THIS POST, is “What’s for Breakfast?” As a Vegan Runner, WHAT do you generally have for breakfast.

It seems like oatmeal with fresh fruit is one of the go-to meals, but how about a bit of creativity?

Let’s say some Vegan Waffles with fresh fruit? If you use something like Almond Milk & flax eggs, they can be a great morning pre-run meal.

If you have more time & want to be a bit creative, a savory Tofu Scramble with some fresh veggies is AWESOME!

For me though, one of my all time favorites in the morning is some Miso Soup with some cubed Organic Tofu, chopped scallions & some rice noodles. As a matter of fact, I have this more often than any other breakfast meal.

How about you? What do you eat for your pre-run breakfast? (Yeah I know, banana with peanut butter, right?). You could get a bit more creative.

Share some of your ideas in the post comments here.

Run on my Vegan Runners.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Still Tempted

After my last long run this past Friday, I got to thinking that although I have gone Vegan, I still crave some things that I know are not healthy & even worse, PROCESSED.

WHY the cravings? Is it from some primitive, deep down hunger inside me? Is it old memories from my youth? Or is is just because I am weak willed?

Maybe, just M A Y B E, it is a bit of each.

When I am at my weakest & crave something to fill that nutritional need during & after a long run, I tend to go to my  comfort food.


This is where they say we need to “get out of our comfort zone.” I need to do this & be conscientious about it.

As far as eating PROCESSED foods, I already know the science. I already know that it is not good for me & that all of those ingredients that I cannot pronounce are things that I should not eat.

My common sense tells me to eat more RAW FOODS & less & less of processed anything.

Raw is how things were created by our Creator. Common sense says that it has got to be better for you.

So . . . as I plan my next run (short or long), I need to plan my eating so that I am not caught up in the wave of unhealthy & processed food just because they are vegan.

May the Plants be with you.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Searching . . .

I am STILL SEARCHING for those vegan friendly, runner friendly foods.

For ease & convenience, I found Justin’s Nut Butters. They come in individual packets (like GU) & are in Almond Butter, Maple Almond Butter, Original Peanut Butter & Honey Peanut Butter. I LOVE ‘EM!

They have ALL the features of a perfect ultra running vegan fare.

If I am anywhere near a convenience store, I am finding that they are starting to carry containers of fresh fruit. (NOTE: This is great if you’re near a store, but not if you’re out on a long run on the trails.)

What I did find however, was a really cool recipe in a book called Feed Zone Portables. In it, there is a GREAT recipe for Red Lentil Rice Cakes.
I’ve made them countless times & have been able to tweak the spicing to change up the taste.

To veganize it, I used Plain Coconut Yogurt instead of the Greek Yogurt. I also add in minced jalapeƱo as I LOVE the kick.

I cut them & wrap them into small pieces
& then
wrap each piece in foil.
They pack well & travel in a pack perfectly.

Try ‘em!

See you on the trail.


Sunday, July 12, 2015


Well folks, as a Vegan Ultra Runner, I am still learning (slow often times, but still learning.)

Our Friday night “adventures” organized by local Ultra Running superstar Kathy Hoover (co-owner of Runner’s World Tulsa) takes us all through Tulsa & most of the times, we are near to a local convenience store (QuikTrip).

Although my hydration pack was full of Skratch, I still needed something more.

I ended up wolfing down an individual squeeze packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! It is Da Bomb & I can eat them all day.

This night adventure was suppled to be just a tad over 17 miles however it was just not my night.

Queazy stomach had me turn around at about the 6 mile mark but unfortunately I would not make it back to the store before having to lay flat out on a park picnic table to “settle things down”.  It was “The Dreaded BONK!”

With my trying so hard to watch what I am eating during my long runs, I get to the QT’s & end up only refilling my hydration pack with water & ice & forgo getting anything to eat!

My Bad! (NOTE: I also did this during the recent Urban Adventure 100 in June.)

I really need to get better at this Vegan convenience store thing as most of our night adventures uses these as aid stations.

If I don’t learn fast, I fear that I will be quite familiar with the dreaded BONK!

Run on my vegan friends.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Good evening.

It’s been a bit since my last post, but things have been hectic! The beginning of June brought the Inaugural Urban Adventure 100 here to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was sponsored by Runner’s World Tulsa. A few things to comment on in regards to this race.

1) I was way undertrained (what else is new?) but knew the drill & how it was going to hurt.

2) The heat was INTENSE! The week prior to the race; May 30th; the weather was very nice, & perfect for running an ultra. The weekend of the race however, it was predicted to get close to 100 F!

3) I was (as always), unsure of how I was going to fuel during the race.
Now - - - the race was on a 25 mile loop with race distances from 25 miles (one loop) all the way up to the full 100 (four loops). 

The course wound through various parts of Tulsa so runners got a pretty good view of our beautiful city.

Race morning was beautiful however temperatures quickly rose as the sun rose higher in the sky. As this was a low key race, there were no course markings (we were all given a course map - turn by turn), the course WAS NOT closed to traffic (we had to watch crossing streets) & our aid stations were Quik Trip (convenience stores). For the 100 mile course, we all got a $50 QT card to purchase whatever food & drinks we needed for the race. Runner’s World Tulsa was the start/finish for all loops & the race as a whole.

Being a vegan runner, this initially posed a problem as much of their fare was not vegan. I opted for a bag of potato chips on my first loop which turned out not to be a good decision. With the temperatures rising quickly, I should have taken in more calories. I forgot all about the pre-packaged, fresh watermelon that they have! It was not until I got back to Runner’s World, were I took in some solid calories. Sprout’s Farmer’s Market in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma made a donation in kind of (2) cases of bananas, (1) case of apples & (5) bags of oranges! I was in heaven.

Needless to say, it might have been a bot too late as I was already depleted a bit & temperatures were high! Throughout the day, they reached close to 97 F.

Out of the 31 runners who entered the 100 mile distance, approximately 11 finished. I ended up dropping after mile 34 when I had a total melt-down.

As always, I felt guilty afterwards & felt that I should have pushed harder. If I could have held on a few more hours, the sun would have set & temperatures would have dropped as well.

Funny how one’s mind is stressed equally or even more so during an ultra. Hindsight is much more clearer.

Oh well, it was God’s will that I drop back.

A fall 100 miler is in the plans as well as an arctic run in northern Manitoba, Canada this November.

Stay tuned.